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This is a story of friendship and adventure between a Bigfoot and a little girl as they go hand and hand through the woods. We also share with the reader some factual information on what is known about Bigfoot today. This story is to introduce children to a Cryptid in a kind and gentle manner.


This book is about the many experiences with intuition, experiences that may seem unexplained, those things you see out of the corner of your eye, a feeling you get when entering a room, or when all your senses are heightened.These are real life stories of the “other side”. We think you will enjoy them. You might be surprised by the number of people who know they've felt something or seen a fleeting image, but dismiss those moments. Just remember, if you think that you saw something or heard something, you probably did… We just have to open ourselves up to the possibility.Your Editor in Chief and Author, Shelley Brienza

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The mansion is believed to be haunted. This is MY story of experiencing what I believed to be a true haunting.It was a cold, wintery night, one New Year's Eve that I was at a party bringing in the new year. Family and friends gathered together for our traditional get together to dance, eat and be merry. When the clock struck midnight, we all kissed our honeys, and blew our horns and threw our confetti, that had been given to us just before, and now was all over each other and the floor.One of the guests that attended the New Year's Eve party, he lived across the street. On a whim, he yells out, "Who wants to take a ghost tour of my house ?"This is a true haunted tale of my experience touring the Olde Knox Mansion in Johnstown, NY, one, freezing, cold, New Year's Eve. First I give you a virtual tour of the mansion and some history of the place as it's definitely in the history books. Next I delve into having a haunted tour given by the current owner, himself. This is a must read book because it's factual from beginning to the end. You will learn what happened to the Knox family. A company that was created and known world wide, even today. You will learn about the people and who they were, and what they were like. You will see what the inside of the mansion looks like. There are lots of pictures. I will tell you the tales of ghosts and goblins. You will learn about the "secret room." It's written in a funny, but truthful manner that anyone would find delight in. Come "into" the Olde Knox Mansion as I give you a tour of specific rooms. Learn why people get frightened visiting. See what draws in over 1500 people annually. And learn how you can help this historical landmark.

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