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Haunted in New York
Paranormal Team Members

Founder, Shelley Brienza
Founder: Shelley Brienza
Started: 2019


Shelley is the owner/founder of Haunted in New York Paranormal Investigations; she is an event coordinator for paranormal events in Fulton/Montgomery County. She is rebranding her business this year to emphasize on larger events showcasing paranormal phenomena and mystical events. Haunted in New York is a paranormal team of dedicated persons who want to help others to understand.

Shelley has a wide variety of published books.  She was formerly a publisher of her own magazine, and her passion for writing, paranormal, and providing small business successful platforms is her main drive today. 

We are a Paranormal Team of 11 paranormal investigators from NYS. We offer an opportunity to participate in on-going tours of haunted locations or we offer, free of charge, private residential or business investigations. We also have a strong interest in UFO's or other unexplained phenomena.

Melissa H.  and Denise G.  (Lead Investigator for our western NYS division)
Chris, Paranormal Investigator, western NYS team
Tech/Assistant/Investigator, Matthew
Researcher/Investigator, Shannon
Rev. Warren, Paranormal Investigator/Medium
Marketing Assistant,
Melissa S.
Mark and Terrie, Intuitive Paranormal Investigators
Haunted Doll Team Member
Rev. Roberta, Paranormal Investigator/Animal Communicator
Illustration of Bones and a Scary Eye
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